If you’re going to have a luxurious, gorgeous shower you’re going to need a niche (or two).

Niches or jail boxes as we’ve heard them referred to are all the rage in modern bathrooms.  The benefit is that you have shelf space in a shower and it saves you from storing messy bath products around the bathroom.

Niches can be made to feel like a small piece of art in an otherwise empty space.  And when featured with special affect mood lighting they look even more attractive.

Niches can be created in most walls and we have installed many.  If you would like more information ask the installer upon survey.

Another feature that is very popular is mood lighting and LEDs, we can create that tranquil bathroom space with special effect lighting to complete the look. For many people the bathroom is a place to unwind, reflect and energise.

Taking inspiration from health spas we can suggest a range of quality products to create your perfect bathroom lighting.

Ask for more information when arranging your quotation.

Call 07946353419.

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