What is a digital shower?

A digital shower implements technology and convenience into your daily routine. The blending of cold and hot water creates a precise and constant temperature and assigns you with the control through a wireless remote control and sleek LCD screen.

How will a digital shower benefit your home?

With the winter chill creeping in, a digital shower gives you the ability to warm up the water before you enter, providing an enhanced and more enjoyable showering experience. 

Additionally, smart tech showers offer homeowners the ability to control the duration of each shower. This setting is money saving as it helps you to budget and to manage your utility spending. Furthermore, the fitting of a digital shower in your bathroom exhibits energy saving advantages as water wastage is prevented.

To discuss the perfect shower solution for you, call Ryan at 07946353419or get in touch via our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pg/rbaynesplumbing/

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